Friday, 6 December 2013

Eqin used to be..

i used to not wear make-up,
i used to to not straighten my hair,
i used to not care what anyone thought of me,
i used to not care if i didn't have a boyfriend,
i used to think boys were gross,
i used to think there was no such thing as "popularity",
i used to go weeks without crying,
i used to capture my memories with my camera with a flash of eye,
i used to think everyone was my bestfriend,
i used to love to go to campus,
i used to be happy all the time.
i believe that...--->

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dear Future Husband...

“I don’t wanna be your GIRLFRIEND,
I just wanna be the one you call as WIFE,
Your presence brings me HAPPINESS,
You are my halal PRINCE CHARMING,
Riding your horse of TAQWA,
Holding the Quran on the RIGHT,
And Sunnah on the LEFT,           
Giving glad tidings to the STRANGER..”

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